Our Story

After years of working in New York City, with a head full of dreams, I was ready to do something for myself. I had ideas, ambitions and I wanted to see them through. I wanted to go from zero to one and start the journey. So in 2016, I uprooted and left my job, my 'cozy' apartment on the Westside, I even stopped playing music, my first passion. On my own, I was faced with the task of creating something from scratch. I felt alive.

That year, with the help of my brother Marek, I climbed to the top of the Grand Tetons and posted a makeshift lemonade stand 10,000 ft above sea level. We spent hours sitting in the snow dishing out pouches of what we called Backcountry Lemonade.  The beverage was a simple combination of cold brew coffee, lemonade and sparkling water. I had been making the brew for myself as a natural boost to fuel my late nights as an architect or when I needed to keep my creative juices flowing. So a lemonade stand in the middle of nowhere made perfect sense!


Riding on the high of our epic launch, I went full tilt into building what is now Upruit.  With the help of friends and family, I learned about coffee brewing techniques, origins, sourcing the best ingredients and the joy of sharing something I've created. The pouches turned into cans, the cans rebranded and recipes finessed. To date, countless memories have been collected.

Upruit Sparkling Coffee has become my new go-to when I need caffeine whether on the track or at the office. Please give Upruit a try whenever you need coffee with added benefits like electrolytes, antioxidants and hydration. Please write me and let me know about your ambitions, I would love to hear from you. Pro tip: uproot.


Mache Barwinski