First Things First Principles

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As avid runners, skiers and all around curious, we searched for a way to replenish, refresh and get a boost from caffeine while on the track or at the office. By applying first principles, we reduced the beverage to its most basic components.  The caffeine and fruit has to be natural, the beverage needs to contain electrolytes, no added sugar and it has to be refreshing.

  • Natural Caffeine
  • Electrolytes
  • Antioxidants
  • No Added Sugar
  • Refreshing

We immediately chose to work with coffee. We L.O.V.E coffee and so we had high hopes for this magical brew that's rich in antioxidants and natural caffeine.

We have our base, now what?

Turns out lemons have a history of mingling with coffee. Espresso has long been served with a zesty lemon rind to help cut some of the bitterness. Then there's Mazagran, the original cold coffee with lemon juice and ice served to French Foreign Legion troops to beat the heat while in Algeria. This citrusy beverage caught on and was later served in Paris cafes. 

So now we have a superfood to match with our cold brew coffee. Lemons help balance your bodies pH levels, they improve skin quality and even help freshen your breath. Super. 

Now we had to ensure this is a balanced, electrolyte filled beverage.

We balance the citrus flavors with mineral rich Himalayan Pink Salt (electrolytes) and added monk fruit as a natural sweetener. This keto-friendly sweetener is an antioxidant and best of all, it has zero sugar and calories. Double super.

The natural ingredients are infused together and carbonated for a citrusy and refreshing coffee beverage that is out of this world. Mission accomplished.

We hope you love Upruit Sparking Coffee as much as we do. Here's to getting what we deserve one step at a time.

Break it down and go.

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